Tattoo Cover Up

tattoo coverup

Have tattoos that you would like covered up for an event or a photo shoot? Tattoo cover up services can provide just that. With high-density and quality makeup, we can help you cover up your tattoos in no time. Tattoo cover up requires the use of airbrushing techniques to adequately blend the tattoo into your natural skin color, without giving the area a caked or mud-like appearance. In order to achieve the best tattoo cover up results, makeup artists must concentrate on preparing the canvas base first. Only then, will the outcome be completed with precision and maximum coverage.

Colored Tattoos

Many clients often wonder if vibrant color tattoos can be removed as easily as black and white tattoos. The answer is: yes! However, colored tattoos will often require more neutralizing techniques than black and white tattoos, as the color schemes will need balancing colors added to their surface to tone them out. For brighter tattoos, we will likely need to tone out the base of the color with a contrasting color before applying the airbrush to the top. If a tattoo is more faded, however, the airbushed layer of makeup is also sometimes enough for a complete cover up.

Black & White Tattoos

Unlike colored tattoos that require several tones to even out their appearance, black and white tattoos may sometimes only need a simple whitener to balance their appearance before application. This effect is typically achieved by adding a brighter concealer to the blackened or grey lines of the tattoo to create a smoothed appearance and diminishing the tattoo’s details. Then, once the tattoo has been brightened or whitened, a skin-matched airbrush color is applied to the top of the base and sealed with a setting spray.

Large Tattoos

While large tattoos may seem impossible to over, such as entire sleeve or arm pieces, they can still be achieved with the same techniques. While the process will likely take longer due to their size, it remains the same and is done using tattoo-covering airbrush techniques to help remove the appearance of the tattoo. Larger tattoos that have a tendency to be touched by clothing or rubbed against surfaces will also require a priming serum that allows for the makeup to adhere to the skin better and a stronger makeup setting spray that will seal in the makeup completely. This will help the makeup to stay in place, regardless of the tattoo’s contact with clothing or rubbing.


All of our tattoo covering makeup services and techniques are completely washable and non-toxic. We do not use hazardous products during the application of your tattoo cover ups and the makeup can usually be washed off with makeup remover or soap and warm water. The washing process may take a bit longer but will not require any excessive scrubbing that irritates the skin once it has been removed. The tattoo cover up we use does not stain the skin once applied, washed, or removed.

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