Standard Makeup

standard makeup

Standard makeup services include makeup application and makeovers for those that want to learn how to do their makeup or look great for an event. Standard makeup services are catered to those that are new to makeup and are eager to understand how certain techniques and colors can brighten up the appearance of your facial features. We use makeup tools and equipment from our own kits, as well as showing you the best use for your existing products.


The makeup industry is huge, constantly changing, and always improving with new tools, products, and techniques. The products that you use in achieving your desired look is crucial as the wrong color matching or application could lead to caked or muddy appearances. If you have a makeup kit already, we can show you what products would be suit you and which ones you may want to invest in. We’ll also give you recommendations on products that we use in our services and which ones can deliver prime results.


With each of our standard makeup services comes our guarantee of professionalism. While we understand that normal makeup looks can be achieved at home, we want you to get what you pay for – professional services from the industry’s experts. In doing so, we strive to give you the learning opportunity to take the techniques we’ve demonstrated and apply them to your daily makeup routine for a professional look. Clients have repeatedly complimented our professionalism in the standard makeup looks we achieve and we’re proud of the consistent work we give to each of our clients through our makeup.


Not only are our standard makeup services professional, but they’re also reliable. Standard makeup services don’t always have to be for special occasions, but they can be and often are. We know that you’re on a busy schedule for such events and we make our services transportable and reliable to help you achieve the look you want to on the important day. If our services are needed at the event venue or another location in the Orlando area, we’re able to bring them directly to you and your party, on time and ready for action!


What clients enjoy most about our standard makeup services in combination with our professionalism and reliability, is our price. We believe that beautiful makeup should be available for anyone within any budget. If you have a set budget that you’d like us to work with or you have a party of people that need makeup services completed, we can work to arrange a payment plan and price point that is comfortable for you. While getting your makeup done at the department store counter can sometimes be of less quality, or hiring an artist for a large party is pricey, we have found the common ground between both so you don’t have to compromise. We offer a high standard of quality makeup services for the low price that is attractive to everyone.

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