​​Photo & Studio Services

photo and studio services

Looking for a great studio to have professional photos taken at? Well, look no further! Whether it’s headshots for your resume or baby photos for your upcoming bundle of joy, we’re able to offer an assortment of quality photos in a beautiful studio that’ll make you feel like a model for a day. When you see the difference that professional equipment and quality lighting make on your photos, you’ll never want to take one on your smartphone again!


Headshot photos are close up professional shots that emphasize uniqueness and definition of your facial features. They can be done for a variety of purposes ranging from business promotions to modelling for auditions and gigs. Headshots use camera focus and equipment that allows the photographer to zoom in, getting an enhanced look on your face from the shoulders up. Our photographers can edit your photos for digital or print use, depending on what your preference is.

Modeling Photos

Are you a full-time model looking to pick up some new work? Many fashion & TV companies in the industry require you to have a headshot and a modeling portfolio of pictures that can demonstrate your work as model. We’ll help you achieve this! Our photography studio can be utilized and arranged in several ways to create a modeling background that highlights your talents. We have both basic and colorful backgrounds that can be set up per your request to compliment the type of modeling and photo shoot you’re looking to build.


When owning a professional studio and photography service, one of the most important aspects (next to equipment) is having access to quality lighting. Without lighting, many photos can fall short of their potential, regardless of how professional the photographer and the camera being used is. Adequate lighting helps to brighten up the space and can give the photos definition that is otherwise lacking or would need to be edited in. Using utility lighting lamps or natural lighting, we can help create stunning photos that look great – every single time. We’ve set up our studio to have access to natural lighting during peak hours of the day, along with a range of professional photography lamps that give us the extra boost of light, when needed.


Once your professional photos have been completed, they will then likely need to be edited for digital or printed use. We used professional editing software to go back in and highlight the certain areas of the photos that look great, while covering imperfections or mishaps in other areas where lacking. Sometimes headshot photos can reveal unflattering skin imperfections, which is often where our editing software has the most potential. We use it to cover or fix areas that you want fixed, along with adjusting colors and brightness. We take into account the overall look that our clients want to achieve with their photos to ensure that we don’t over-edit their photos or create something they aren’t pleased with.

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