​​Hair Styling

beautifully styled hair

In combination with your makeup, having great, beautifully-styled hair can further complete your overall look. Hair styling services are done to compliment your makeup, hair, and desired look for special events and photo shoots. Hair styles are achieved by professional stylists that take into account the features you’re looking to highlight, whether it’s the clothes you’re modeling or the makeup you’re wearing.


We customize hair styles based on your hair or the look you’d like to create. Depending on the occasion that you’re having your hair styled for, we can better determine what styles would be most appropriate. Often times for events like weddings or special events, clients will request hair extensions and intricate styles to make their hair beautiful for pictures. If you’re a model for a new line of clothing or have a dress that you’d like to show off, up-dos may be more appropriate to show the clothing better. We have experience tackling a number of styles and our professional hair stylists use only the best tools to help achieve such looks.


Professional up-dos can be both simple or extremely detailed. With many up-dos, the process often takes longer to delicately curl, straighten, or place hair into a desired look. However, once up-dos are completed, they will hold their shape and beauty for several hours or even days after. For up-dos that are desired for special occasions such as proms or weddings, we can also braid in flowers, crowns, tiaras, and crystals that give the hair its finishing touches. If you’d like an up-do for your special day but aren’t sure what would be most flattering, we have a catalogue of our work and ideas that can help inspire you for something unique.

Hair Trimming

During the hair styling process, some clients may request a small trim in order to better groom or define their hair. Having a small trim can also make hair styling a bit easier if your hair is dryer, damaged, or hasn’t been cut for a while. We offer hair trimming services to the needs and preferences of our clients. We never dramatically cut the hair of our clients, unless requested. If we believe your hair could benefit from a simple trim, we will offer it in order to enhance the look of the finished product.


As with all of our services, our hair styling services are 100% transportable, meaning that we bring all of our talents, tools, and techniques straight to you. If you’re getting ready for an event and need professional hair stylists on set, you can rely on us to deliver just that. We provide the quality of professional hair artists combined with the comfort and convenience of our technicians. If you have an important event scheduled and need us to style hair for your party or multiple people, we can supply the manpower and resources to do so. We always arrive on time, ready to give you the best hair possible.

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