​​Airbrush Makeup

airbrush makeup services

Airbrush makeup creates a smooth and flawless makeup finish that looks like it was achieved with photo editing. Not only does airbrush makeup look great for formal events, but if you’re planning on being photographed, you won’t have to touch the editing or filtering tools. Airbrush makeup can be done to achieve a beautifully natural or dramatic look, depending on your preferences.


The equipment used to create airbrush makeup consists of the tools and products we use to achieve the perfectly smoothed finish that many desire. Our airbrushing equipment consists of the airbrushing brush that mists the products onto the face for an even coat and the quality composite of makeup used to fill the container. We clean our airbrushing systems after every use to ensure the highest level of sanitary quality and to maintain the health of you and your skin. Our airbrushing tool is able to reach in between creases and edges around your nose, forehead, and chin. Airbrushing tools also come in varying shapes and sizes to ensure best coverage about the face and smaller, hard-to-reach areas where blending would usually be required. We are also able to use our airbrushing tools to reach small areas around your eyes, ears, and neck.


The finish that airbrushed makeup gives is often what attracts many clients. Airbrush makeup has a soft and velvety finish that can’t be achieved with other forms of foundation alone. Airbrush makeup is applied using the combination of mist and air which gives it a softening finish that looks great on all skin types. Because of its coverage, airbrush makeup gives all skin types a great and glowing finish and can easily cover up blemishes that may otherwise require layers of concealer.

Photo Ready

When our airbrushing services are complete, you’ll be ready for photos. Due to the finish that airbrushed makeup gives, it naturally reflects off of the camera flash and gives you a smooth and glistening appearance that doesn’t require any filters. Airbrush makeup is preferred for those that are going to be photographed often, as it looks stunning in all lights and throughout the day. Photographers even prefer airbrushed makeup on their clients as it requires less digital editing once the photos have been taken.

Weddings & Proms

For those that are going to weddings or proms and anticipate for long events, pictures, and formal wear, airbrush makeup is the best solution to completing your look. Airbrush makeup looks great both in person and in photos and is known for its longevity as well. Airbrush makeup can last all day long and for several hours. It is also water-resistant and can compel sweat, tears, and even humidity, making it a great option for those that are participating in outdoor events. What’s more, airbrush makeup has a light finish that looks beautiful and silky against the skin, so you won’t feel like you’ve matted yourself with layers of makeup for events like weddings and proms.

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